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To schedule an event contact Dave Betz at:   DPostman@UncleSmiley.com     Phone: (610) 509-2977

The Uncle Smiley Family of Bands

Our quartet line up includes Dave, Sean, Phil and Terri that fill out the sounds of an assortment of  genres that include rock, country, blues, and pop to name a few.  We provide a tight blend of harmonies backed with strong instrumentals for an event filled with fun, song and dance.

Our power trio backed by a full sound of great guitar playing by Phil along with a great rhythm with Sean on bass and Dave on percussion complete with strong three part vocal and tight harmonies!

The Smiley Duo is composed of Dave & Jay.  They join together for a delightful blend of tight harmonies backed with the mellow sounds of Jay's guitar and Dave's percussion on a cajón drum. In this venue you have an opportunity to hear their clear vocals step out in front to mesmerize you with songs from a wide range of musical genre. The Smiley Duo creates a feeling of intimacy, like sitting around talking with a group of old friends. Check out our Schedule page to see when and where the Smiley Duo is playing, then come join us for a great time!

Uncle Smiley Quartet

Uncle Smiley Trio

Uncle Smiley Duo

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