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To schedule an event contact Dave Betz at:   DPostman@UncleSmiley.com     Phone: (610) 509-2977

What’s up fans? My name is Dave Betz. I started playing the accordion when I was 8 years old and had a successful career with that, playing both solo and with a band called Happy Polkateers. I began playing drums at age 11 when some friends from school wanted to start a punk rock band. I purchased my first set of drums for $75.00, a gold and yellow Apollo kit! I played in several punk rock bands including West End Boys, Descendents, and the Condemned. As I gained experience as a drummer, I played with bands such as Thunder, Flashback, Water’s Edge, to name a few, and filled-in with numerous bands as well. I have played everywhere and for anyone you could imagine and I have met quite a few interesting people. I enjoy seeing people having fun and getting into the music.

I began playing with Uncle Smiley 9 years ago when the band emerged with the name The Rockabilly Rebels. I have had the pleasure of working with some great musicians since the beginning of the band… Dean Velezquez, Joe Verbin, and George Williams. Uncle Smiley has recently taken in two new great musicians – Steve Desousa and Tony Reiterman, so George and I have been lucky in finding two talented musicians to now fill out the band since the departure of Dean. I believe that we are lucky to have the opportunity to work together and look forward to new experiences and a chance to allow everyone to show off their musical talents while providing great entertainment.

I do want to make sure that I thank the people who have stood by me and supported me through my musical career throughout the years – my wife Lisa and our children Pat, Joe, Justin, Brittany (Shawna and Lisa too!), along with my extended family members whom are always willing to follow us out and fill up the dance floor. This of course would include all the fans and bar/club owners who gave us a chance to continue to do so.

Sean: Bass & vocals

Phil:  Guitar & Vocals

Terri: Vocals

Jay: Duo, Guitar, Vocals

Dave:  Drums & Vocals

I started playing guitar and piano at age 10 and switched to bass at 12. I immediately began playing in a band called Iron Bridge, which then became Black Horizon. This band played high school dances, under 21 clubs and “battle of the bands” shows throughout the Lehigh Valley. As a senior in High School, I left to form “Drama,” which played much of the same circuit along with some bigger shows and festivals. “Drama” was known for a diverse playlist of pop hits and complex “Art” rock and even recorded a few original songs.

After “Drama,” I played in several bands through the 1980’s and 90’s, and also started “jamming” with friends from my childhood, writing progressive rock and jazz fusion songs under the name “Fix My Head.”

More recently, I have played in several “Classic” rock bands and currently play in a Pink Floyd tribute (Outside the WALL) and for an “original” female artist (CHASE), along with a couple other bands, I like to stay busy by playing as much as possible!

Since joining Uncle Smiley in February of 2013, I have fulfilled my dream of being a very busy musician, playing with great people, and partying with the best fans you could ask for.


My first band was called Black Odyssey with my brothers. Our biggest influence was Kiss. The brother that sings is an excellent artist and he had drawings of us in make up and strange cool shaped guitars. When we tried to dress the part, we wrecked my moms leather boots when we lopped the heel off and made wooden platforms. We couldn't even walk partly from the hack job of the boots and the tanning of our hides for wrecking the boots.

In my teen years the music helped me through what could have been a misspent youth. I hooked up with some high school friends and we started jamming. After a few iterations, we finally became Three Feet Deep. We had original material as well as covers and played the club seen throughout New England. I had the pleasure of performing a reunion gig in 2014 with these guys after not playing together for nearly 35 years.  For a short time after we broke up, I had my brush with greatness playing with some guys that made it big.

Our friends made it with Extreme and Gary went on to cut an album with Van Halen after Sammy Hagar left. We were all so proud that they became rock stars. Once they got a real guitar player, there was no looking back. :-)

Shortly after, I moved to California where I bounced around with a number of musical projects. I played for heavy metal and a old style country bands among other classic rock gigs. The music scene in LA is crazy. There is a whole book to write on that experience.

When I moved back east I rejoined my brothers in Notice for a short stint but then having children and moving for my career took precedence and I put the music away for a long while.

Coming to New Jersey, I got the itch to start playing again and started networking and answering ads. I played with Gail Force for a bit and then a reformed Rayz 'N' Kayn with the very talented Connie Edinger. When that slowed down I answered an ad for Daily Grind where the tag line was "The Arena Band in a Club Setting". The band was fun and the music was challenging including a 15 minute medley of Rush tunes. It was with Daily Grind where I met Sean Simpson with whom I love to share the stage. When Sean called looking for a fill in for Uncle Smiley, I jumped at the chance to play with him again.

My musical influences are broad and my love of music is vast. I can find songs to enjoy in any musical genre. It is such a pleasure to be back on the music scene and to be playing with a band that has such a great approach to playing, no music egos and such an incredible fan base.

That's a little about me for now but I look forward to seeng you all out in the circuit at the next Uncle Smiley Show!!!!

Hello Smiley Fans!! My Bio starts out with a secret ambition that I always has as a young girl. My friends and I would sing on my parents patio otrstage ( as we referred to it) pretending we were famous rock stars. I decided that after years of raising a family and being on my own it was time to put my secret ambition into motion.

I started going to karaoke nights and quickly realized that the applause and positive feedback from the audience was fueling my passion and confidence to pursue singing. I am a sink or swim kind of person when it comes to taking chances. I posted an add in Craigslist, female vocalist looking for band. I received a reply from Rob Zona and we put some songs together and started to hit local open mic nights as T-Zone. As the song list grew so did T-Zone. Rob and I are still together playing our favorite venues.

Within the past few years I have had the opportunity to be involved with a couple of bands Rebel Junction and Stealin' Time. I consider myself fortunate and blessed to have played with some extremely talented musicians along the way, who have become my friends as well.

Well now, I guess you could say I'm still swimming! I am so looking forward to rockin' with Dave, Phil and Sean!!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting all you Smiley Fans real soon!

Jay was born and raised in Queens, New York where he sang in New York street corner harmonic ensembles. At age fifteen Jay took up the guitar and, after one lesson, decided to self-teach himself to play and subsequently sang with several rock bands.

After relocating across the Hudson River to New Jersey, Jay played with a country/western band. Jay then hooked up with a four-piece band, "The Showcaseman", playing a wide variety of gigs, concerts, street fairs and weddings for several years throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, playing classic rock, country/western, big band, standards - and even polka!

Another relocation, this time down south to the Sun Shine State, brought Jay in contact with Ron and the Classics - with whom he played extensively for over 10 years in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. He also branched off to form a duo (Double Play) with superb vocalist Linda Carmichael.  Additionally, Jay hooked up with a 4-piece, 5-person tight harmony, rocking band - Shaky Ground out of Clearwater, Florida.  

Jay is now based in East Stroudsburg, PA and Indian Shores, FL. The core of the retro music is 60's - 2000's.